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Monday, January 28, 2013


Beautiful dreamer invade my slumbering night
Creations of beauty enhancing my mind sight
Lovers of many years past envisioned in my memory
Broken hearts restored in the mind set of clemency

Moments of loveliness compete with adversity
Tracing the illusion of peace and tranquility,
Doves fly in harmony with Scavengers of the night.
Beautiful dreams in harmony with purest delight.

Beautiful dreamer envision life in blue rhapsodies
On the beaches where sand castles are a daily activities
Dreaming each moment of everlasting proclivity
Steadfastness defaulting any memories of Hostility.

Beautiful dreams keeping me from losing my sanity,
In a world of confusion, delusion and catastrophe.
Beautiful dreamer keep all my tears and fears at bay.
And when I awake tomorrow it will be a better day.

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