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Friday, February 1, 2013


Reflections of a giant Willow Tree

In my back yard a beautiful sight to see.

At the foot of the tree was a pine bench.

And all around it a white picket fence

On summer nights under her outstretched arms.

Two lovers would sit embraced in loving arms.

So we named her the Enchanting Willow Tree.

Many romances were kindled under that tree.

Unfortunately my willow tree is now history.

No longer standing tall and proud for all to see.

You see unlike yours she was destined to die.

Cut down by a disgruntled renter and that's no lie.

There is a moral in this poetry you see

If you are mad at the landlord

don't take it out on the tree

I went to lunch today
To have Chinese gourmet
Were no reflections in my tea.
My fate was in my fortune cookie.
I order sweet and sour pork.
Used chopsticks and not a fork.
I flipped chow mien across the room
It would have been best to use a spoon.
Next time I'll lunch at China Lee
And try not to make a fool of me.