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Thursday, January 31, 2013


Hey, I'm looking back to see if you are looking back to see what I am looking back to see. You are looking at Big Daddy in person. Isn't he a handsome devil? Just kidding! I wanted you to meet me, so that you could see that I'm just ordinary. Really, I'm 76 and full of tricks. My desires are much the same as yours, I don't want to be rich, just noticed. I found out late in life (but it's never to late) that you can be anything, do anything, and have everything. The only requirement is that you have to be willing to try. I've reached my goal when I can help others to reach theirs, what ever it my be (There are no limits). Presently, I am happy, successful, and free and I want to write a literary masterpiece that will last through life and eternity.
Pen Name: Big Daddy Cash

What you will find in my written material has not been edited to correct grammatical, functional and occasional spelling mistakes. I label my magical content My Way because that is exactly what it is; My Way. My signature, personality, thoughts and ideas, are presented in the only way I know and I refuse to change it because it comes from my heart not from an English book, dictionary or thesaurus. It’s hard for me to let a publisher edit my books because they all want to do them their way and I readily admit that their way may be right but my way is me and that is the way I want it to be. What I have written in my books I have written just for YOU my reader, so please don’t judge me by my use or misuse of grammar and words, judge my books by the intent and the content. I have two great passions that I like to portray with my written word, Happiness and the Rewards Life has to offer. Therefore read what I have written Your Way but keep in mind it is written My Way.

You have heard me talk about the writer in me well there is also a reader and a critic in me. The reader/critic is one person and the writer is another both having different personalities. I’m what is called a student of the hard knocks university. I write poems and short stories and I do them my way. The division between the two personalities causes emotional adversity, what can one say to the other or what can they do or not do? Thank God the workings of the inner mind can work out the differences. In the outer world the division can be hostile, the critic rejoices in the death of a writer and likes nothing better than scattering the writer’s bones. Well that’s one of the reasons they call me the maverick of poetic endeavors

Remember me when you write your amazing poetry, I’m the one who lives for its beauty and chemistry. There is a light shining down through the darkest sky. The beacon sent to guide me to that garden on high.
Remember me when the warmest breeze kisses your ear, With your words of mercy and your kind words that cheer. For where the bird flies and the bell tolls my shadow lies. It will fall upon you and you’ll see me through divine eyes.
Remember me I’m the mystery that dwells in your heart, The compelling thoughts and fertile seed of thy poetic art. For when the robin sings and the little white cloud cries, The music and the teardrops capture the hope it implies.
Remember me I’m the cool water that refreshes your soul, The moisture of baptismal waters giving youth to behold. For convictions are subtle in the whirlpool of tranquility. Letting peace and happiness enter the world of reality.
Remember me I’m the foundation of all of humanity, The body and soul of human nature existing in vanity. For my heart joins the very fibers of true existence. Letting you bask in the glory of your own persistence.

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